Friday, 31 July 2009

Unit One: Range of Celebrity Inspired Laptop Covers: Amy Winehouse

Celebrity chosen: Amy Winehouse
Palette: yellows/ reds/ greys/gold / black/ white
Techniques Used: print/ knit/ embroidery/ Photoshop

-Swingtags designed on Photoshop inspired by Amy Winehouse's Lyrics and the Lyrics of her musical inspirations e.g. The Ronettes 'Be my baby'. Themes of obsessive love and meltdown in the tags can be seen as representative of Amy's life.

-Tags also reference Amy Winehouse tattoos

- Some embroidered tags are Amy Winehouse quotes

- Relation and inspiration from Sir Walter Raleigh's poem "My Last Will" also representative of Amy Winehouses sad life. Oxford University students were asked to compare Raleigh's writings with those of Winehouse's therefore research led me to this inpiration.

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  1. Hey geek! hope your summer is going well. If your lucky i'll steal you a chronicle magazine from john lewis for when we are back in uni!!!
    Rianna xxxxxxxxxxx